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K8S Staking Pool

Pool based on a high availability Kubernetes cluster managed and hosted in Switzerland.

Ticker : K8S

Pool ID : 0960deeaabd7ca77a970e2932d06ec594c902301973041c6d9b1dc2e

K8s Pool on Daedalus

About the Pool


Minimum fixed fees

We align ourselves to the minimum fixed fees because we are a non-profit pool.

100K Pledge

We have decided to put all our assets in the pledge of this pool for an indefinite period. Each ada that will not be used to cover the fixed costs of the pool will be added to the pledge to give you maximum benefit.

0.75% fees

This pool is non-profit, these fees allow me to reimburse my material investment. Any surplus will be added to the pledge to give you maximum benefit.

The projects that we support




We support adapools.org so that they can continue to develop their websites ! We donate 20$ each month.


If you have proposals to support other projects, I invite you to come to the K8s pool telegram and make proposals.


Our pool and our relays are based on a self-hosted Kubernetes cluster in Switzerland. This high availability cluster is composed of 3 master nodes, which makes it possible to lose a complete server without interruption of service. This configuration also makes it possible to update one of the servers without any interrupt. The cardano blockchain is stored on a volume in RAM which makes it as fast as possible during the validation of blocks.

If you have any questions regarding the operation or the security of the pool you can contact me by telegram @mateomuller


In order to be transparent and that all our delegators can verify that the Pool is functioning correctly, we are going to set up a public monitoring system.