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K8S Swiss Staking Pool

This pool is hosted on a kubernetes cluster to be as available as possible. This cluster is not hosted by a cloud provider but in a private server room.

Sending Payments

How to check that the node is active?

You can simply refer to the information reported by the node on the pooltool.io website! This site allows you to go back to the pool statistics and as you can see, in the Height column, the K8S pook is still active and synchronized!

In the case that the pool no longer synchronizes, another node automatically takes over !

See status on pooltool.io !

Or see the status on adapools.org !

K8S Pool Dashboard


Don’t worry about security, with K8S Pool we run the Pool on multiple pods without any access to our local network or any data.

Staking With Us Is Staking Intelligently

Green Energy

All our servers are powered by solar panels.

Let’s talk about money…

We want above all to participate in the cardano blockchain, this is why we decided to have as a minimum cost fix of 20 ada per epochs (which does not even cover the electricity costs to run this node …) . We decided to set 4% the costs to run this node which is actually not the cheapest pool BUT we decided to limit ourselves to 1000 ada per epochs to be able to enjoy your benefits of your ada ! Here I hope that these decisions will encourage you to stake with us! In any case, thank you for participating in the cardano blockchain!

Donations !

We are committed to donating 10% (2x 5%) of our testnet rewards to the pooltool.io and adapools.org teams to thank them for their investment and the tools they offer !

By staking your ada with us, you will participate in the donations made to these great teams!



With a kubernetes cluster, we don’t need to stop the service to update the system. Everything is managed by a transparent deployment and update system.


Running without interruptions!

We are currently in the process of implementing a dynamic leader system to maximize the chances to validate the blocks during HEIGHT or SLOT battle !


Kubernetes Cluster

Our current configuration is a kubernetes cluster composed of 3 servers.